We already know the Gold Partners of the Projekt BMS 2016

We are pleased to welcome 3 Golden Partners who joined the Projekt BMS 2016 group. Global Control 5, Wago Elwag and Ampio Smart Home are the companies that will present their solutions during the lectures on the first day of the meeting. Consultations and solutions testing will be possible for the two full days at the exhibition stands.

Let us discover the profile of the following Partners:

Global Control 5 is a manufacturer of technologically advanced and comprehensive solutions for building automation, offered under its own brand ISMA (Intelligent System of Management Automation).

Wago Elwag is a provider of comprehensive solutions in the field of modern control systems as well as building and industrial facilities management. Basing on WAGO I/O system it is possible to create building automation applications tailored to different sizes and technical complexity.

Ampio Smart Home is a system with a flexible design allowing for the installation on any building. With Smart Home, you can control all the devices in the building: the lighting, blinds, ventilation and heating. You can operate these devices from any place in the building and from outside the building.