WAGO is considered one of the companies which are precursors and propagators of the innovative solutions for electrical engineering and automation. It is a manufacturer and a provider, among others, of complex and open solutions in the area of modern control and management systems for buildings and industrial facilities – BMS, FMS.

The WAGO building automation system is a modern and scalable solution which ensures full control and monitoring  functionalities in the field of all building installations – HVAC, Lighting Management, Energy Management, Room automation, BMS. Within the system WAGO offers comprehensive package consisted of PLC’s, sensors, room units, engineering and application software.

This system is well known for its capabilities to an easy integration of many communication standards which is really important in case of integration of devices of different vendors.

Thanks to huge wide range of PLC’s with interface solutions for bus systems BACnet, MODBUS or KNX, standard I/O modules and communication modules for subsystems DALI, M-Bus, MP-Bus, EnOcean, SMI or LonWorks® we can fulfill all technical requirements of the building automation.

More information about our Gold Partner available here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIZH7S2s8ww0YAlWxak7Ew/featured