WAGO ELWAG belongs to the group of companies recognized as precursors and promoters of innovative solutions for electrical engineering and automation. Is a producer and supplier of, among others comprehensive, open solutions in the field of modern HVAC control systems, lighting and management of buildings and industrial facilities. WAGO as part of the system offers a comprehensive solution containing controllers, sensors, setters as well as engineering and application software (BMS). The system is known for its huge opportunities to integrate various communication standards, which has a large impact on both the ease and the cost of integrating devices from different manufacturers. A wide range of controllers with open protocols of object-oriented networks, such as BACnet, MODBUS or KNX, together with standard input and output modules and modules for DALI, M-Bus, MP-Bus, EnOcean or LonWorks® subsystems, allow to meet virtually all requirements resulting from the specificity of the market building automation.