The event’s agenda has been divided into three sections:



Comprehensive and thorough presentation of available solutions in the field of Building Management Systems, Smart Building Systems, Building Automation Systems, focusing on the increased user demands, technological development and stricter legal obligations, changes in building certification system, ecological and energy saving standards. Selection of solutions depending on the investment type, formal requirements, and financial resources. Access to the best implementation methods available on Polish and European markets, to be introduced by the industry experts.



Building automation and management systems have been developed, and will be developed in the future, to ensure even stronger integration with systems which had been independent before, including: HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), security systems, lighting system, uninterruptible power supply system (UPS), utilities consumption monitoring, integrated audio-video systems.



Showcasing and articulating benefits and advantages of Building Management Systems in commercial facilities, including: energy effectiveness of buildings that is achieved through costs minimization, reduced consumption of energy resources and carbon dioxide emissions, savings through the integration of heating, ventilation air conditioning and lighting systems, analysis of data connected with power and utilities consumption, achieving the level of safety and comfort required in modern, dynamically developing business environments.