The second edition of the Poland-wide Projekt BMS 2017 conference was a success

The second edition of the Poland-wide Projekt BMS 2017 conference was a success. The main theme of this year’s conference was BMS Systems – a road to energy efficiency and effective modernization of buildings. Investment process from public procurement to execution.

During the 2-day event 20 speakers – representatives of manufacturers, distributors and industry experts, presented their solutions during 14 lectures and a debate with the participation of 7 representatives of intelligent solutions for buildings sector. 11 companies presented their products in the exhibition area. The event was attended more than 150 people – including over 100 participants – the decision makers from the integration companies, fitters, facility and energy management, technical services and the property managers. This in a nutshell summarizes the second, Poland-wide edition of Projekt BMS 2017 held on 18-19 October at the Hotel Lamberton Business & Conferences in Ołtarzew near Warsaw.

During the meeting, the practitioners representing the solutions in the management of intelligent buildings and integrated building automation sector discussed the newest industry trends and prospects for the application of systems on the Polish market, including the ways to increase the efficiency of buildings. The speakers analyzed technological innovations in the field of Smart Building, building automation systems and building management technology.

Proven solutions and innovations were presented by Conference Partners:

Gold Partners: Global Control 5: iSMA – designed to meet every challenge, now and in the future, Roger: Scalable access control system with building automation and alarm system control, Siemens: Visualization and management of buildings in the digitization era, WAGO ELWAG: Building Automation WAGO – reliable, flexible solutions for every investment
Silver Partners: AMiT: Healthy indoor environment in building; IMPAKT/POWER WALKER: The universal nature of the PowerWalker solutions; SOMFY: How management of Somfy solar protection combined with natural and artificial light impoves the energy performance of buildings; ELTCRAC SYSTEM: DSDi- integrated service platform
Bronze Partners: ENIKA

Honorary Patronage of the event was the National Energy Conservation Agency – NAPE and the Association of Polish Energy Engineers – SPE. The conference was attended by experts with knowledge of the issues of efficiency and energy efficiency. The first day of the meeting was opened by the special guest – John D. Petze – Managing Director of The theme of the lecture was a global trend – an „open source” initiative aimed at streamlining work in BMS buildings management systems and energy management systems based on data from the Internet of Things. At the end of the first day, the BMS 2017 project, legal adviser Kamil Stolarski from SMW Legal discussed new technologies in the construction industry and their application in the public sector in the context of public procurement directives and energy performance of buildings.

The second day was full of expert panels. Marcin Furtak – Director of the Malopolska Laboratory for Energy-Efficient Building of Cracow University of Technology and Małgorzata Fedorczak-Cisak – Director of the Malopolska Center for Energy-Efficient Building of Cracow University of Technology presented a case study on the building of the Energy-Saving Building Laboratory (MBLE). MLBE is one of the most advanced buildings in Poland, which is a tool for gathering data on energy efficiency. The building is used by researchers as a research facility and a tool for testing energy-saving technologies.

Marta Lenarczyk – Project Manager at SPIE Polska, discussed how BMS can easily help reduce media consumption and the use of building equipment and systems. The speaker presented the results of the SPIE co-ordinated research on how the energy intensity of certified office buildings is compared with non-certified office buildings. Mr. Jerzy Rusin from BIM Point presented how to successfully realize the potential of BIM – Building Information Modeling. Andrzej Stachno – President of KNX Professionals Poland Association and Tomasz Janecki – Vice President of the Association discussed the investment process justifying the choice of building automation.

During the Projekt BMS 2016 conference, all participants had an opportunity to speak out in the debate „Investment process using BMS systems. Modernization of public and office buildings in the context of the EU Directive“. The discussion was joined by the practitioners in the subject of BMS and commercial applications: Tomasz Janecki – Vice President of KNX Professionals Poland, Mr. Konrad Majewski – Legal Counsel of SMW Legal, Mr. Michał Nowak – Maintenance Expert with Sodexo Polska On-site Service, Mr. Witold Rafalski Member of IFMA Polska , licensed real estate manager, currently Technical Director at Digiservice (Trias Group), Mr. Dominik Stępień – End User Representative, Mr. Jerzy Rusin from BIM Point.

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The whole of the event facilitated the integration part, which fostered effective cooperation between business partners. As part of the afternoon attractions, there were billiard tricks along with learning the game. The show has held the World Champion in billiard. Participants learned not to hit two, three, five, but even 14 balls in one shot. During the banquet, there was a presentation of Scotch whiskey distillery. Experts which drew characterized by the data, the participants acquainted with the flavors and aromas, and told stories of plants producing this noble drink.


Thank you for your active participation in the conference. Thank you to all who contributed to the success of Project BMS 2017 – the Partners of the event, the Honorary Patron, Essential Partners and Experts, Media Patrons and the Participants of the conference. Thank you for the numerous consultations and support for the idea of creating an annual meeting place for representatives of the intelligent building management and building automation solutions industry.

Magdalena Kniszner – President of the Board in Lockus Sp. z o.o. – Organizer

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