Methodology for evaluating the impact of BMS systems on the energy efficiency in buildings

On the second day we will take a closer look at the PN-EN 15232 norm and we will analyze methodology of assessing the impact of BMS systems on the energy efficiency in buildings.

We will check what are the main factors affecting the energy efficiency of buildings. We will answer the question of whether the PN-EN 15232 norm allows us to identify these factors and to decide the conditions in which the automation systems and building management have the greatest impact on energy efficiency.

The presentation shall cover the classification of impacts of automation and BMS systems on the energy efficiency in buildings, depending on the applied solutions, installation technology and control methods.

We shall also present all methods assessing the impact of automation system and technological installations on the level of reduced energy consumption by buildings.

Paweł Kwasnowski from the Department of Electrotechnics, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.