We invite you to the expert panel entitled „Smart Building Market in the face of cyber security threats”, hosted by: Łukasz Dudkowski, Michał Bagłaj and Piotr Kaniewski.

Smart Building objects, with their various technologically advanced systems, are increasingly becoming the target of cyber attacks. What is the scale of the threats? How serious can the consequences be? Who is responsible for their cyber security? How to ensure the correct implementation of IT and improve the security of the IT sphere in buildings?

In response to these questions, the presentation will present an analysis of real hacker attacks on Smart Buildings, along with their course and effects. We will analyze what are the causes and where do cyber threats come from. We will identify steps that can improve cybersecurity.

The subject of the analysis will also be the key role of well-prepared IT contracts in a Smart Building, the problem of responsibility for the cybersecurity of the systems used and the way of contractual regulation of the most important aspects of relations with IT service providers for real estate.