We invite you to the expert panel entitled Energy and climate megatrends. And what do buildings have to do with it? ”, Led by Marcin Popkiewicz – megatrend analyst, expert and journalist dealing with connections in the areas of economy-energy-resources-environment. Author of bestsellers „World at the Crossroads”, „Energy Revolution. But what for? „And” Climate science. ” He is the editor of the portals Ziemianarozdrozu.pl and taniecoklimacie.pl. Chairman of the Polish branch of ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil) and member of the INSPRO program board. Winner of the main prize „Journalists for climate 2015”, „Economicus 2016” for the best book that disseminates economic knowledge and „Renewable Energy Promoter 2016”. Together with the editorial team of Nauka o Climate, a laureate of the 2017 Science Promoter Award awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.