Projekt BMS is a new quality in the calendar of industry events in Poland. This is a blend of business, education and integration at its best.

Industry professionals come together to be inspired, learn, network, see the latest technology and shape the future of Building Automation, Building Management and Smart Building Systems solutions in Poland.

Projekt BMS sets out to create a flagship, annual event for suppliers and recipients of Building Management Systems, Smart Building Systems, building Automation Technology. Our goal is to facilitate business development by bringing key market players in one place, including: suppliers of Building Management Systems, Smart Building Systems and Building Automation solutions, key decision-makers who represent integrators, fitters, facility managers and companies interested in expanding their knowledge and gaining new business contacts in the sector of Building Management, core opinion leaders, the media and institutions.

With each edition we put more emphasis on presenting the practical market solutions. The event is split into three main thematic sections: technology, integration, effectiveness, which are meant to maximise profits, minimise expenses and optimize processes.

See how the Project BMS looks like:


The conference is addressed to:
• The key decision-makers who represent integrators, installers and facility and energy management, technical services and property managers [Participants]
• The suppliers of building automation and intelligent building solutions automation [Partners]
• Core opinion leaders and institutions, the industry media [Patrons]



What does this Project give us? Definitely getting to know new partners, we are talking here about investors, general contractors who are also involved in this event, as well as system integrators. We also see a financial reflection of participation in this Project.

Wojciech Jurczak | SIEMENS


The event is strongly centered on the BMS area and such concentration assures there are no random visitors.

Adam Półgrabia | Global Control 5


We decided to take part in the Projekt BMS 2016 because of its unique nature which is not quite popular in Poland and because of the organizational experience of the company that prepared the entire event.

Wojciech Leciński | Wago Elwag