TRUSTED ORGANIZER – the total number of participants in our events devoted to advance building, multimedia and safety technologies in 2012-2018 is over 6500 people.



Lockus is a company which specializes in supporting the realization of business strategies through the organization of meetings. We offer innovational ways of bringing together parties interested in cooperation.

We will happily help you:

  • organize conferences and workshops
  • coordinate meetings, motivational and function trips
  • set up exhibitions and fairs
  • run cyclical meetings in a roadshow format

We will also support you in:

  • creating marketing and PR strategies
  • selecting the tools and methods best suited for brand, technology or product creation
  • executing visual projects (printing, websites, multimedia)
  • carrying out market research and creating databases
  • communicating with target groups (through call centers, mailing, newsletters, etc.

Let’s launch the collaboration and get in touch with us:


Ewa Owsiak | +48 603 748 838 |

Małgorzata Mogilska | +48 605 868 610 |


Łukasz Haliniak | +48 603 302 747 |


Magdalena Foltyn | +48 603 568 379 |

LOCKUS Sp. z o.o.

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