BMS in the green public orders – after a large amendment

A significant amendment to the Public Procurement Law Act of 29 of January, was introduced on 28 of July 2016. The proposed changes affected almost everything that is related to the public procurement market. It is necessary to change many habits, traditional solutions and patterns. The trend of the so-called green public procurement becomes more and more visible. It has emerged as a need to order construction works to ensure the efficient use of energy, water and heating; as a desire to increase the comfort inside the buildings; and to reduce the waste generation. All this requires to provide specific solutions for integrated building automation.
During the lecture on the second conference day, the specifics of green public BMS procurement under the amended provisions of the Public Procurement Law Act will be discussed. We will tell you about the key aspects of procurement law that affect the specifics of this market. The lecture will be given by Legal Counsel – Mr. Kamil Stolarski from SMW Legal Stolarski, Majewski and Associates Law Firm sp.p.