Participants of the event may include persons who are involved in the decision-making process connected with the selection and implementation of solutions for intelligent building management systems; who represent the facility management industry or integration companies; or BMS systems installers; general contractor. Participant of the event cannot be a representative of the manufacturer or distributor companies.


The Projekt BMS is a closed event and only persons who will apply for the event by filling out the form and who will receive an automatic message after successful registration will be allowed to participate.


  • You will receive detailed and comprehensive information related to trends, technological innovations and the industry needs

  • You will discover the most interesting offers from the suppliers of services and solutions connected with BMS services, Smart Building and building automation technolog

  • You will increase your awareness of legal restrictions, the facilities certification process, environmental standards and energy efficiency

  • You will learn how to choose the best solutions regaring the type of investment, formal requirements and financial capabilities

  • You will discover ways to minimize costs and to increase savings by integrating the systems work, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting

  • You will learn how to achieve the level of safety and comfort required in a modern and dynamic business environments

  • You will test the technology solutions on the exhibition stands

  • You will gain access to best practice implementations on Polish and European markets

  • You will expand the knowledge of the possibilities of even greater systems integration

  • You will learn how to select systems for new buildings and buildings requiring modernization

  • You will strengthen and develop the business relationships and build informal relations

  • You will take part in an unforgettable integration trip